Make your GIMP Program look and feel like Photoshop!

Hello GIMP Scrappers!

Make your GIMP Program look and feel like Photoshop! This will work with the latest GIMP 2.8 version. This tool was written by doctormo and is avaiable for download for free from Deviant Art. This plugin make the entire GIMP interface a lot easier to use and learn.

Here is the link:


Click on the Downlod button:


Unzip the file. And replace the entire .gimp-2.8 directory will it. The .gimp-2.8 directory is located on your C:/Users/YourUserName directory:
Step 1: Go to C:/Users/YourUserName directory
Step 2: Rename the original .gimp-2.8 directory to a back file name in case you want to go back to it
Step 3: Put the new download file .gimp-2.8 file on that directory


And here it is how it looks!!  It is very nice!


Try it your self... let me know how it went!!

Interested in learning more about the GIMP? Here is a post I created a few weeks ago:
More on GIMP

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Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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