Today's Feature Product: Festival of Ages Page Kit by Vivayne

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Festival of Ages Page Kit by Vivayne
by: Vivayne

This kit is a celebration of miracles and LIGHT - the light of the sun that we take for granted daily, the light of fire that keeps us warm, the light of the soul that shines through our eyes, the light that drowns out the dark, the light that heals us in meditation… the powerful light of God, the energy of light that flows through each and every one of us, connecting us to the creator and each other,  the glimmer of light that is in us in our darkest hour just waiting to burst and fill us up… some call it the holy spirit, some call it divine energy, some call it divine light… anyway almost every religion can relate. This is a beautiful Hanukkah kit, however substitutes are included for non Hanukkah use, that are suitable for other occasions such as New Years Festivities or for those of you who are not Jewish.

Scrapbooking Kit Includes:
11 papers (1 is glitter paper)
3 substitute papers
1 number 8 or infinity charm
1 page border (purple folded ribbon, yellow ribbon, metal vine, purple bow, journal)
1 page border (blue metal border, blue ribbon, blue bow)
1 bottle (with yellow checkered ribbon wrap)
1 purple bow
1 gold brad
2 buttons (purple, white)
1 mixed coins (chocolate candy coins, pocket change)
1 dreidel
1 eyelet
1 frame (blue & white)
1 frame with 3 openings (silver frames with white rubon)
1 frame (elegant with glitter)
2 jewels (purple, gold/yellow)
3 knots (purple, blue, gold/yellow)
1 candelabra/menorah
1 paperclip (blue)
1 folded ribbon (purple)
2 ribbons with bow (1 blue, 1 striped)
1 straight ribbon (yellow)
2 ribbon loops (blue, yellow)
1 rose (purple)
1 rose petals (purple)
1 ruffle (purple ruffle with white lace trim)
1 sequin (white)
2 stars of David

44 items total

*Also included is 1 bonus/surprise overlay not shown in the preview!

Colors in the kit:
Blue, White, and Silver: the traditional colors 
Yellow and Gold: Represents the Festival of lights
Purple: Represents the spiritual aspects and the miracles

Digital Scrapbooking Ideas for this kit: This kit was made as a Hanukkah kit (or Chanukah kit) however, it would be a great kit for your New Year Eve celebrations because of the fun and bright colors and celebrations of lights!

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