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SgD Club Membership - One Year for Personal Usage


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Digital Scrapbooking DVD - Only $8.00

This DVD has so much Digital Scrapbook Goodies that we couldn't fit them on a regular CD. It includes everything you need to create your digital scrapbook layouts. It includes 6 Complete Kits, 2 Complete Albums, 51 Quick Pages and 30 GIMP Templates, 14 JPEG Sketches, The GIMP - a powerful image editor tool similar to Photoshop, 7-ZIP - an unzip utility program, 6 Step by Step GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, 6 Video GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials !

SgD Digital Scrapbooking DVD - Edition 1

This DVD is going to include:

Complete Digital Scrapbook kits:
The "Magical Memories" kit from Gina Hubbard
The "Strawberry Lime" Kit from Gina Hubbard
The All Star Boy, All Star Girl, All Boy Stamp and All Girl Stamp from Gina Hubbard
All of the "Celebrating Dad" Quick Pages/Templates from SgD Designs
The "Christmas Collection" from SgD Designs
The "4 Generations" kit from SgD Designs

Complete Digital Scrapbook Quick Pages and Templates:
51 Quick Pages: 30 in 12x12 in and 21 in 8.5 x 11 in.
15 GIMP (.xcf) Templates in both 8.5 x 11 and 12x12 (30 Templates Total. Same page -two sizes)

Complete Digital Scrapbook Albums:
1 complete QP Album using the "4 Generations" kit. 12 pages 12x12 in @ 200 dpi
1 complete QP Album using the "Strawberry Lime" kit. 12 pages 12x12 in @ 300 dpi.

GIMP 2.2 Digital Scrapbook Software and Tutorial:
The GIMP PC version
The GIMP MAC version
6 GIMP Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial
6 GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

And as a bonus we added a FREE UnZIP Program Utility!

This SgD Digital Scrapbooking DVD is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the world digital scrapbooking. Everything they need is included in this DVD.

This DVD is perfect for you:
If you want to learn about Digital Scrapbooking for the first time.
If you are a beginner digital scrapper, but want to use a more powerful tool
If you like Photoshop, but do not want to pay $600.00
If you dont' have digital scrapbook elements; This program comes with more than 300!
If you already have some digital scrapbook elements; Great, you can use any of your digital scrapbook elements in PNG, JPEG, XCF, PSP... even your Photoshop Templates can be edit with this program!

GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials included in this DVD:

  1. Digital Scrapbooking 101
  2. Getting Started
  3. Creating your first Digital Scrapbooking layout
  4. Understanding Layers
  5. How to use a Photoshop Template
  6. Cropping a Photo - Free Form
  7. Cropping a 12x12 in paper to 8.5x11
  8. Resizing your layout for a web site gallery
  9. How to use a Quick Page
  10. How to add shadows to your elements and Photos
  11. How to color your own elements "CYO" using color only.
  12. How to color your own elements "CYO" using color and texture. 


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And here are other sales also going on:

Just So Scrappy 20
This sale is good from 2011-04-15 until 2012-04-15


And here is a little sample from the SgD Club Membership:

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