GIMP Scrapbooking DVD - On Sale!!

GIMP Scrapbooking DVD - On Sale!!
[Please note the DVD contains MORE items than what is currently display in the SgD DVD Gallery]
Did you know that our First SgD DVD includes over 750 Digital Scrapbook Elements?
You don't need to wait until your SgD DVD gets home, you can download lots of digital scrapbooking products now as soon as you place your SgD DVD order.
This DVD has so much Digital Scrapbook Goodies that we couldn't fit them on a regular CD. It includes everything you need to create your digital scrapbook layouts. It includes 6 Complete Kits, 2 Complete Albums, 51 Quick Pages and 30 GIMP Templates, 14 JPEG Sketches, The GIMP - a powerful image editor tool similar to Photoshop, 7-ZIP - an unzip utility program, 6 Step by Step GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, 6 Video GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials !
This DVD is going to include:
Complete Digital Scrapbook kits: The "Magical Memories" kit from Gina Hubbard
The "Strawberry Lime" Kit from Gina Hubbard
The All Star Boy, All Star Girl, All Boy Stamp and All Girl Stamp from Gina Hubbard
All of the "Celebrating Dad" Quick Pages/Templates from SgD Designs
The "Christmas Collection" from SgD Designs
The "4 Generations" kit from SgD Designs Complete Digital Scrapbook Quick Pages and Templates: 51 Quick Pages: 30 in 12x12 in and 21 in 8.5 x 11 in.15 GIMP (.xcf)
Templates in both 8.5 x 11 and 12x12 (30 Templates Total. Same page -two sizes)
Complete Digital Scrapbook Albums: 1 complete QP Album using the "4 Generations" kit. 12 pages 12x12 in @ 200 dpi1
complete QP Album using the "Strawberry Lime" kit. 12 pages 12x12 in @ 300 dpi. GIMP
Digital Scrapbook Software and Tutorial: The GIMP PC version The GIMP MAC version 6
GIMP Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial 6 GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial And as a bonus we added a FREE UnZIP Program Utility!
This SgD Digital Scrapbooking DVD is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the world digital scrapbooking. Everything they need is included in this DVD. This DVD is perfect for you:
If you want to learn about Digital Scrapbooking for the first time.
If you are a beginner digital scrapper, but want to use a more powerful tool If you like Photoshop, but do not want to pay $600.00
If you dont' have digital scrapbook elements; This program comes with more than 300!
If you already have some digital scrapbook elements; Great, you can use any of your digital scrapbook elements in PNG, JPEG, XCF, PSP... even your Photoshop Templates can be edit with this program!
GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials included in this DVD:
Digital Scrapbooking 101 Getting Started Creating your first Digital Scrapbooking layout Understanding Layers How to use a Photoshop Template Cropping a Photo - Free Form Cropping a 12x12 in paper to 8.5x11 Resizing your layout for a web site gallery How to use a Quick Page How to add shadows to your elements and Photos How to color your own elements "CYO" using color only. How to color your own elements "CYO" using color and texture. The first 15 people that order a copy of this DVD, will also receive our "Summer Collaboration kit" for free! The "Summer Collection Collaboration kit will be available immediately as a download.
Enjoy! SgD

Layout To Share: Bike Show Winner

Layou Name: Bike Show Winner Credits: American [ Motorcycle ] Rider and Any Month Template from SgD Designs

Personal notes: This is a photo of my husband when he wosn a motorcyle show of one of the bikes that he built.

I love Template Challenges!

I love Template Challenges! Create a layout using the layered template below and post it our July Challenges Gallery: Post a link in this thread and that's it!! All sketch layouts are due by Aug 25th. Download this SgD Club layered template from our store: Here is a sample layout using this template:

Everyone that participates enters to win 10 of my Photoshop/GIMP Compatible Templates below:



GIMP Challenge - Make your own WordARt

Hello GIMP Scrappers!! I wanted to host a challenge for all my GIMP Scrappers out there! The purpose of the GIMP challenge is to help you experiment with the GIMP tools while at the same time create your own wordart! The theme: Back to School! Create a wordart that relates to going back to school. Here are some word samples: - Back to School - First day of school - My new Teacher... Mrs. Bla - ABC Hints for creating a eye-catching wordart: - Use different fonts for both letters and words - Use different colors for both letters and words - Use different style for both letters and words - Use different font size for both letters and words - Make the words/letter face different directions - Have fun! Post your word art to the July Challenge Gallery All WordArts should be posted by July 24th. Enjoy! Voting begins on July 25th for 5 days ... One winner will recieve 9 Clown Quick Pages And those that particiapte in any of the challenges listed above will recieve the Clowen Paper Collection

Wow, I can't believe SgD is turning 2!!

Wow, I can't believe SgD is turning 2!! I still see it like a little baby though, a baby that has changed so much since it was born. We have gone thru so many updates, upgrades, troubleshootings, new looks and not to mention Designers and CTs! But it has been so exciting and I am so proud of it.

Our Forum now has more than 600 members, that have place more than 2,943 posts and at some point we had 135 of them visiting us at the same time!

Our Gallery now has 1,562 scrapbook layouts with more than 1,713 comments that have been view 701,175 times! Wow! We now has two Club Membership with more than one 1000 Digital Scrapbook Elements each, a Layout Gallery displaying layouts using only club membership products and new monthly items.

This year we also introduced our First Scrapbooks gone Digital! DVD. The DVD contains The GIMP Program, Video Tutorials, Step by Step Tutorials, Complete Kits, Quick Pages, Templates and so much more !!

And all of these would not have been possible without the help of a very special SgD Team Member: Tanya. She has stay-put with SgD since the beginning, posting her challenges and prizes month after month. Thank You Tanya!

I also want to thank Donna Phillips, for her dedication to SgD as a designer and for allowing SgD to offer her Donna Club Membership exclusively at SgD. Is a pleasure to work with both of them. But just like a two year old baby, SgD has a lot more to grow and has so many changes in its near future. In order to reward our newsletter subscribers and to encourage new newsletter subscribers, we are going to change our Free Kit GIFT with a newer, much more exciting full kit. This fun kit will be deliver with each new newsletter subscriber confirmation and also available for download within the weekly newsletter. We will also remove the Free Product Samples from our Free Product Sample category and make the download links available directly from the newsletters. We are currently outgrowing our hosting mother and we are also planning to move to a bigger hosting house. The move is big, since the entire site has to be migrated, but the benefits will last for a long long time. We will be upgrading within the same company, since they have proven to be so reliable but the new server will have so much more storage room. Which means that we might be inviting one or two new designers and our Club Memberships will include more products!

For the upcoming year, The GIMP Tutorials will focus on more challenging layout techniques. The goal is to add at least six new GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials. So, if you have a suggestion, this is the time to post them in our GIMP Forum.

But this is not it, if you have a suggestion and prefer to email me directly, please feel free to do so at:

In the mean while, enjoy the celebration and don't forget to download all of the presents at the end of the newsletter:


SgD is turning 2, but you get all of the presents!!!

Hello SgD Members!!
25% Store Sale:
As part of the celebration, we will be hosting a 25% Store Sale!
A $20.00 Raffle:
Anyone that submits a layout using products from our SgD store, OR anyone that makes a $10.00 purchase from the SgD store this month, enters a raffle to win $20.00 in store credit. The store credit would not applicable to buy the club membership, butrather to buy the individual products.
More than 10 Free Product Samples is presents for you!!