Sunday, February 24, 2008

Doodles Quick Page WordArt FREEBIE!!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Doodles Layout!

Here is my doodles layout, I really like how it turned out!!

This was created using these two products:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Win a $10.00 Gift Certificate!!

Win a $10.00 Gift Certificate!!

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Feb 2008: Organizing your own layouts

Feb 2008: Organizing your own layouts How do you organize your own layouts? I am not talking about the kits that you purchase, but the actual layouts that you create with them. Do you take the time to save your layer layouts on their own directory, so you can easily find them later? Do you separate the JPEG layouts that are ready for printing and the JPEG layouts that are ready for a website gallery? Do you separate the layouts that you already printed from the ones that you have not been printed? I do. There are many different ways to organize your layouts, the most important thing is to organize them in a way that make sense to you and it will make it easier for YOU to find them. The above method works for me. I have a directory called "A FAMILY SCRAPBOOK", a called like that because 1- I want to make sure that this directory always shows on top of all of my other directories. And 2 - Because it is after all, a family scrapbook! Under that directory I have: PRINT, GALLERY and TEMPLATES. In my "PRINT" directory I put all of my 12x12 @ 300 dpi layouts that are ready for printing. I normally don't do many 8.5x11, so at this point I only have 12x12 in. there. In my "PRINT" directory, I have two subdirectories: "ALREADY PRINTED", "READY FOR PRINT". Once I order prints of a layout, I move the layout to "ALREADY PRINTED". I only print layouts like 3 times a year, since I have to order the prints online and they normally take about a week to get back to me. Thru the year, I accumulate the layouts that I want to print and save them in my "READY TO PRINT" directory. Once I am ready to order prints, I just zip the files in that directory. MY "GALLERY" layout contains the same layouts, but the resolution is different. This layouts are created at 500 pixes @ 72 dpi, much smaller and designed for website galleries. And finally my "TEMPLATES" directory has all of my layouts saved as Photoshop or GIMP template format. Whenever I create a layout I always save it as a template and save it on this directory. This way, when I show my sister my layouts and she says: "oh... can you make this one for Brianna?", I just pullout my original template, change the photo and the journaling and I am done!! I think in the long run, saving all my new layouts as templates saves me lots and lots of time. As you can see, the same layout is saved in three different places with three different purposes. All important to me. ---How do you do it?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

More SgD Club Products!

A few more SgD Club Products for JAN 2008! I hope you like these ones! SgD Club Members, come and download them as part of your membership benefits! Don't forget that you can always download any products from our SgD Club Products Category. These are also available for non-SgD Club Members at reasonable prices. To become a SgD Club Member for as little as $24.99 per year and download 1000+ digital scrapbook elements, click on the link below: