GIMP Digital Scrapbook Tutorial

New to Digital Scrapbooking? Would like to try it? Learn how to create your first digital scrapbooking tutorial using The GIMP. The GIMP is a free image editor tool that you can use to create your first digital scrapbooking tutorial. To see the free tutorial, click here: Scrapbooks gone Digital - How to create your first Digital Scrapbooking Layout. Click here to see all GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials. Click here to download The GIMP from our SgD Store. If you were able to create your first digital scrapbooking layout with this tutorial... let's us know! Post a note here. Enjoy!

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Keep your eyes open for this upcoming Quick Page weekly download:

Keep your eyes open for this upcoming Quick Page weekly download:

Another lovely moment with you!

Each of the elements on this quick page will be available for download. One each week, until you complete your Quick Page!

The first Download will start the first week of October until halloween. This Quick Page and Template will also be added to my Halloween kit.

Halloween in coming up... how exciting!!!


Graduation kit weekly download - Piece #6!

Piece #6 from this Quick Page is ready for download!

To see the entire graduation kit, visit our Scrapbooks gone Digital Store:

....while you are waiting for your freebie to download, why don't you make a wish?

Wanted... GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Newbies to test my tutorial!

Hello GIMP Scrappers!
I just updated my GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial and want GIMP newbies to try it out.
Important: Please make sure that you press [CTRL]+[F5] to force the browser to update the web page, otherwise you will continue to see the old tutorial.
I know that many new gimp scrappers stuggle with the concepts of layers, so I added additional explanations and organize the steps in a more logical way.
I really want to know if this tutorial is helpful and if it still has some sections where the steps are not clear.
Althought the tutorial is written using one of my halloween kits, the steps can be follow using any other kit. The Halloween kit use for this tutorial is currently on sale for $4.79 and is a huge kit!
Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Norma

Receive any "One" item from my store for free!

Get one of my products for free... you pick which one you like! Please understand all of the details before downloading any products. Here are the details: 1) You visit my store and select one item. [Offer is good for one item per person] 2) You pay the full price of the item using your paypal account. 3) You email me that you want to get the product for free 4) You create two layouts using that product that you selected and post them to the SgD Gallery 5) And You respond to a short Questionaire (10-Questions) 6) Once I see your layouts and receive your questionaire, I will refund you the money thru pay pal. Please note: * The layouts and the questionaire must be done within 2 week of downloading the product. * Offer good only this week! [expires 9/15/2007] If you have any questions, post your question here. Enjoy! Norma

New Paisley Papers! Go wild with these ones!

New Paisley Papers !!!
This kit includes 12 12x12 @ 300 dpi digital papers!
Great to combine them with solid soft colors! Perfect to create your own elements, tags, frames and so many other elements. Your layouts will definately stand out with these papers!
Layout created using one of the papers from this package:

New Frames avaialble!

New Frames!!! 12x12 and 4x4!
These frames have 4 different levels of thickness.
These are so practical... they can be use with any 12x12 layout and 4x4 pictures!
This layout is using one of the frames from this package:

Make a wish! Why not?

Post your wishes here... whatever comes in mind ...or whatever comes from the heart. The purpose of this post is to promote positive thinking all around and to help you realize your wishes. You can post anonymously... no body has to know, if you don't want to. When you put your wishes in writing, the chance of them coming true become much bigger. Just do it! I look forward to reading your wishes. Enjoy!

Layout of the week: Wild and Crazy!

This is my wild and crazy girl!
All of the elements were created by me. I will be posting the paper set at: sometime next week for $2.50.
To make the photo stand out from the busy background paper, I change the photo to black and white and use a plain paper for the bottom part. I also "cut" the paper in a curvy shape to add more body to the layout, while at the same time, keeping it simple.
If you are interested in purchasing this Quick Page, post me a note and I will make it available for $1.49

Yeah!!!! A whole new loook!

Yeah!!! I am finally happy with the look of my blog! I added more meaningful resources and I really wanted a three-column blog! All this still for free! :-) Althought it did cost me some time to find a template that was compatible with the blogger. My first attempt fail, actually my first several attempts fail, but I finally got i! I still would like to add a small image on the side of the blog to link to the galleries -instead of using the plain links, but that is going to require a hack... since is not a standard blog feature... but hey... who knows... the might be working on it! In the mean while I will use the links. How do you like the new look? Drop me a note!