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Did you know...

That someone is actually working on creating a GIMP plugin to use Photoshop actions in The GIMP? This is huge for us GIMP Scrappers! And I am not sure if Photoshop will like it too much... well, they might not mind that much, since the actions will still need to be created using Photoshop, but I know GIMP Users and Scrappers all over can't wait for this. To read more about this upcoming GIMP plugin, visit this site: GIMP using Photoshop Actions! The GIMP Plugin download can be found here: GIMP Plugin download Enjoy!

Using Photoshop keyboard shortcuts in The GIMP!

Hello SgD Scrappers! I found this great web page that explains how to make your GIMP keyboard short cuts similar to the one in Photoshop! I haven't tried it myself... but I will!! I use both Photoshop and The GIMP and this will make the switch back-and-forth much easier for me. The link can be found here: GIMP Using Photoshop Actions If you tried and want to recommend/not-recommend, let us know! Enjoy! Norma

Graduation Weekly download - Piece #3

Every week, one of the pieces to complete this quick page will be available for download. Don't miss one! Visit us every week to complete your graduation layout. Come and get it this week because once is gone... is gone!

The entire graduation kit can be found here:


New GIMP Release is almost ready!

Hello GIMP Scrappers! The next stable GIMP version is almost out! This is very exciting because there is many many upgrades to the current version of GIMP, but for us scrappers, I noticed that we will now be able to: - added menu items for "Text to Path", "Text along Path" and "Text to Selection" [allows for creting text on circle, heart or square shapes!] - improved drag-n-drop of drawables within GIMP - load PS brushes in the .abr format - support long layer names in PSD files [photoshop] - further improved rectangle tools - added support for loading .abr v6 Photoshop brushes - added support for loading .abr v2 Photoshop brushes - added libgimpbase API to retrieve the user's Pictures folder - allow to assign keyboard shortcuts to procedures without menu entry - improved brush scaling code, now also scales up - support large XCF files (> 2GB) on Win32 also [Good for printing layouts] - allow for auto-cropping the result of the transform tools - added Rounded Corners option to Rectangle Select tool - merged gimp-tiny-fu; replaces Script-Fu Scheme interpreter with TinyScheme - remember unit and interpolation type in scale and resize dialogs - changed default interpolation type to Cubic [best quality] - more work on the new selection tools - let color picker tools select a matching color in the Palette Editor - allow to use foreground and background color in gradients - added first draft of a new Healing Brush tool - allow use of CSS color notation in Script-Fu - simplified user installation, only display a dialog in case of an error - added Red Eye Removal plug-in - added clipboard brush and clipboard pattern - optionally show guides in the Crop tool - ported ellipse select tool to the new rectangle tool - added basic support for layer masks to the PSD save plug-in - make it more obvious that docks can be rearranged by drag and drop - implemented Snap to Path - export "Open As Layer" to the PDB as file-load-layer - added keyboard control for the Curves tool - allow plug-ins and scripts to register menu entries in the , , , and menus - replaced Selection to Brush/Pattern scripts with scripts that paste a new brush/pattern from the content of the clipboard - allow to zoom in/out using the +/- keys on the numerical keypad - make it easier to drop dockables below the toolbox - allow to paste a new image using Ctrl-V on the toolbox These upgrades were introduced from GIMP 2.3.0- 2.4.0-rc1. We are currently using the latest stable version, which is GIMP 2.2.17 To see the complete list, visit their website:

GIMP Tip Challenge - Win a QP

The challenge for this week is to share ONE GIMP Digital Scrapbooking TIP!

It can be anything like:

* Something that you learned while creating your first digital scrapbook layout.
* Something that you do as a good practice when you create your layouts
* Some settings that you do the create a shadow, a special effect, etc
* Listing a website that has GIMP free brushes
* Which script-fu scripts do you like best/use often
* Anything that you think other GIMP users would like to know about!

Anybody that posts a GIMP Tip, will receive this Quick Page below. The QP will not have the "Sister" words, so you can use it for other friends and family members.

Post your Tip in this forum:

Introducing a weekly download

Come and get it now because once is gone... is gone!

GIMP Digital Scrapboking Sites!

Hi, If you have a digital scrapbooking site scrapping with The GIMP and would like to share links, email me! I love The GIMP and I'm creating a list of GIMP Digital Scrapbooking sites. Thanks! Norma