Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back! We had a great time in laughing, but it was very very hot. It was nice having the time off, and being able to spend time with the family. My favorite part was the lake. The water was so fresh and clear. It was so cold that the first time I dip my feet into it, I thought I was going to freeze, but after a few minutes, I wanted to jump in it. Valerie also has a great time in the lake, she collected baby sea shells and together we created a sand castle. She was so proud of the castle that she though that anybody that see it was going to wonder who made it. I also made time to create a whole new kit: Six Papers and 17 Elements in elegant black and white colors for a Happy Birthday occasion. The kit will be exclusive to SgD newsletter subscribers and will be available for free. In addition, I also started a "Generations" kit. It was inspired by a picture taken on Valerie's baptism. Valerie was one year old and in the picture, my mom is holding Valerie; Me, My sister and my Grandma are along her side. I hope to finish this kit over the weekend and make it available to SgD Club Subscribers. -Norma